Plastruct has been serving the Hobby market since 1968 through mail order and Point-of-Purchase Retail Displays. Model Railroaders were the first to realize the usefulness and convenience of Plastruct Model Parts. Quickly the word spread throughout other Hobby markets such as Model Cars,Trucks, Boats and Airplanes. As time progressed, new Hobby interests such as Crafts, Military, Dollhouse and Space Ship Models found Plastruct and also realized the benefits and ease of working with our Model Parts.


Plastruct has been serving the Professional Model Building market directly since 1968, and indirectly through subsidiary companies since 1956. Plastruct Products were originally developed for Engineering Models of refineries, process plants, and power plants. For this reason, Plastruct uses the highest quality Plastics and Manufacturing processes. This, in turn, produces high quality Model Parts that are easy to work with and will withstand years of use.


Plastruct has been serving the Educational Industry since 1968, originally providing Universities and Colleges with Engineering Design Model Parts, Kits and Text Books. Later, other Educational Design disciplines realized the benefits of working with Plastruct, and recently Upper and Middle level schools developed a new Curriculum called Design Technology that also benefits from Plastruct Model Parts.